Artists have long turned to their work to address feelings of anger, confusion, fear, sadness, hope and love. While someone is usually labeled “creative” (or not!), it is interesting what triggers or inspires the type of creativity that comes not from your head or ability – but from your heart and soul. Upon reflection (and when asked directly) as to what my art is about – it was surprising even to me, that my most passionate and inspired work happened when I was working through grief.

The pieces you see here were created from various points on the “heartbreak” spectrum. I was desperate to somehow contain what threatened to overwhelm me – and realized only with hindsight that this artwork provided a place for my grief to be held. To acknowledge it, but not let it overpower me. Art has provided an opportunity for the most vulnerable parts of my body and soul to speak, feel safe, be heard, yet in a way that moves towards healing.

It is my sincere hope not only to introduce myself to you as an artist, but as a fellow traveler on life’s journey. That you might connect with an image, a phrase, a feeling that provides you the lifeline or hope you need. That through these images and visuals, you might be able to give grief permission to shape you – but not define you.